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Gang Related Charges

California harbors many gangs, and if you happen to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, it’s possible to be charged with a gang-related crime by association. Unfortunately, there are many cases of people being charged with gang-related crimes when they actually did nothing that would normally warrant an arrest or charge. For example, you could be charged with gang-related activity, if you were photographed with an individual flashing a gang sign, if you have been arrested for vandalism, or even if you received mail from a known gang member.

Many of these criteria for an arrest can seem completely ridiculous to people not in law enforcement, and may seem to border on the infringement of your rights. Many laws are crafted with good intentions but fail to apply to the context of the actual situation. If you have been charged with a gang-related crime, then waste no time in speaking with me to begin building a strong defense for your case. I have the experience that you need brought to your case, and can put my skills to work for you, right away.

Recently, in the news, 12 suspected Norteño gang members were charged in four murders, while dozens of other suspects were also charged with robbery, drug possession and gang conspiracy. It would have been in the best interest of those suspects to have secured experienced legal counsel in that scenario, familiar with gang-related charges. It is likely that some of the suspects could have been wrongfully accused of these crimes.

There are severe penalties for those who are charged with gang-related crimes. If you are facing criminal charges for gang-related activity, you could face serious misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the severity of the crime for which you are charged. With several years of experience and a long history of success in the cases that I have handled, I can provide you with aggressive, confident representation to pursue a favorable outcome in your case. If you are convicted of gang activity, then you could incur a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life and impair your future. Seek the representation of a capable criminal lawyer that understands your needs. Call the Law Offices of Sara D. Bratsch, today!