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Gang Arrests

Unprecedented Gang Sweep Arrests Made – 61 Now In Custody!

October 1st, 2015 – The Tulare County District Attorney’s Office implemented an unprecedented Norteno Gang sweep and arrested 51 suspects in a single day!  The operation was code named “Red Sol“.  It was part of a huge ongoing wire tap investigation that encompassed a variety of alleged gang activities, including murder, drug trafficking, and theft.

The scope of this operation is ambitious, to say the least.  It is unlikely that all (now 61) suspects, currently in custody will be able to be given a fair and speedy trial, as their constitutional rights guarantee them.  Many of these cases will likely have substantial grounds for dismissal, due to the sheer volume that an already over burdened system will have to process.

There were many counts of conspiracy alleged against these suspects. Conspiracy charges are what the Law Offices of Sara D. Bratsch specialize in.  Sara once worked for the Tulare County District Attorney’s office.  Her 20+ years of experience gives her unparalleled knowledge in these types of cases.  If you or a loved one is currently facing charges related to the Norteno Gang sweep, you need to call Sara D. Bratsch, today!

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